Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Husband and I will Marry Again!

Another friend of mine is gonna get married this month, I am so excited for them! I love to attend wedding ceremonies and parties. I love listening to priests or pastors giving matrimonial rites to couples. I love seeing them kiss and giving each others vows. How I wish my husband and I could get married again. This time, I want it to be perfect. I wanna get married again on our 10th or maybe 25th wedding anniversary. I wanted it to be a beach setting, all of the guest are going to wear beach wear like in Hawaii. I will still wear white dress but not the traditional wedding dress. I want a white see through dress with a red pair of bikini swim wear! Gosh what I am imagining here hehehehe! But honestly if possible I really wanna wear those! I also want to do my giveaways and souvenirs personally. I love making giveaways! I will try some edible wedding favors like wedding cookie favors or candy wedding favors. Hmmmm that sounds yummy especially if it's chocolate flavor, what do you think? Hmm enough with this day dreaming....I will just earn more money for my dream wedding ehehhehe =)


Enchie said...

I hope you guys can renew your vows soon. My husband and I have plans too. exciting na, kasi kasali na mga little ones natin the second time around ;)

Chris said...

Someday, who knows? :)

By the way, I have a tag for you at

Anzu's Mum said...

Wow, sexy naman ng dream gown mo lol..

kami din sana matuloy wedding namin sa pinas on 2011.

mommy jac said...

Hi Jess title palang nkaka inspire na I hope I will marry my husband again exciting kc kasama na ang mga kids namin...btw I have this award for you a blessed Friday ^o^