Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our First Winter Experience

Winter is coming so fast I can feel the breeze outside and I already freezing. To think it's only 40 to 50's Fahrenheit, I can't go out without a jacket already so what more if it's winter time?
 I am scared imagining how cold it could be on that season but on the other hand, my kids and I were both excited. Excited for it will be our first Winter experience. I started shopping for winter clothes to make sure we will enjoy our first Winter here without getting sick. Good thing it's husband's second winter already so I am sure he knows what to do already to keep us away from getting sick. One is to make sure we're complete with winter outfits, second I wish our house has high efficiency furnace. We only live in an apartment and the last time I experience spring I can still feel the breeze from outside even we were using the AC heater. I wish we could do something about it before winter comes. Third I guess we should keep our self healthy so we could not easily caught by some virus.

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