Friday, May 1, 2009

My First Photobook Just Arrived!

Hooray! I've waited for three weeks for my first ever photobook from artscow and now It's finally arrived! My excitement is still in there because I have so many projects to finish and I can't wait to see them printed in a very nice photobook like what Ijust had right now. =)
What I have first printed is my daugther's 3rd birthday. Here's the picture, sorry if it's blurry coz my Olympus is at Servimax right now. I am using a "not so" hi-tech camera.

Next in line are:

Ishi's First School Experience (done, for printing already)
Ishi's first Birthday
Ethan's First Birthday (ongoing)
Ishi's Christening
Ethan's Christening
Ishi's First year
Ethan's First Year
Our Wedding
Christmas and New Years

and a lot more! My head is already twisted and I am having a hard time thingking how to make a good photobook. I have to make a good story out of it. I want a perfect transition. Oh well, I hope I could finish my other book so I could order two next time.
So how about you? Want to order now? hehehe If youy want coupons for discounts pls don't hesitate to ask from me.


Chris said...

hello jes! so is it really nice? worth it ba? :D

Twinkie said...

Galing ah! Ganda rin ng full name niya. :)

Online Mommy said...

Hi, Jes.. congrats ha? ako gang soft copies lang ako. kapag may super spare cash/time talaga ako, pa-print din ako. ^^v how much nga ulit yung ganyan? ilang pages? ty

by the way, sumali ako sa isang community ng mga digi at paper scrappers. you might want to check out. Babyfuzz ang gamit kong nickname.


mommy jac said...

Hi Jes,ang ganda naman ng photobook..Like it..Sis how are you na na miss kita ehehehe...

Have a great weekend=)

Genejosh said...

wow!!! this is very gorgeous!

sent the EC ask how to transfer?

Just click the "E" of the EC badge of the blog you wanted to give a credit then on the right side click the label "Give credits to this site"..hope it helps..

Hannah's Mom said...

wow nakuha mo na pala! anyway, thanks for the visit ha? add ko yung 2 blogs mo. yung sa tanong mo pala about photobook, 1st time ko lang din gumawa. kaka-order ko lang last may1 medyo matagal pa bago ko makuha. member ka ba ng any digiscrapping blogs? kc gusto ko sana, hopeless nko kung matututo pa ko ng photoshop. i tried online tutorial di ko talaga ma-gets! baka sakali matuto ako sa mga sisses natin na nagdidiscrap.

Anzu's Mum said...

wow i love it love it! naiinspire na naman ako gumawa kaso minsan talaga tinatamad ako kasi na-sstop pag nagigising si baby.. maganda ba talaga ate?

onlinemommy said...

This one is really nice. Your daugher will surely be happy when she grows old and see this memorabilia.

I have a tag for you mommy Jes. You may grab it from here