Friday, May 15, 2009

My 3rd Order Form Artscow

I received a promo from artscow 2 weeks ago a 5pcs custom 8*10 prints for only $.99 free shipping! Who can't resist that kind of promo? I hurriedly made 5 personalized layouts and placed my order immediately last may4 2009. Today may 15, 2009, i received it via airmail. Coolness! I made layouts for my brother's family picture, his daughters aliyyah and alynnah, for my sister's daughter Jeszerie and for lola Nanay (my hubby's lola in father's side). I hope I could receive another promo again soon so i could make another cool layouts. Here's some pics of my 3rd order:


Genejosh said...

wow! so ganda!!!, not yet..too busy!!!

Enchie said...

nakakailan ka na! try ko minsan with my photos. sort out ko muna.

Anzu's Mum said...

wow mukhang na-aaddcit na yata tayo ha lol.. lam mo sinayang ko talaga mga discounts ko and promo kasi diba meron nn pag nag register ka.. ay naku, tamad ko kasi eh.. pero na eencourage ulit ako sa yo. Maganda ba ang papel nila?