Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Fourth Order "Ishi's Fisrts School Experience" Photobook From Artscow Arrived this Morning

My fourth order from artscow just arrived this precious 2nd photobook project about Ishi's First School Experience.

I've waited for 3 weeks again that's why I am really excited again and again. I am excited with my every order form artscow because they're surprising me with the results. Their photobooks are great, their prints are fabulous and their personalized products are so cute and nice=) Gosh, I should be placing my next photobook order by now but I don't have time to finish it yet. I have another project to do first, I promised my cousn Monica to compile her vacation photos here in manila this month. I don't think if I can finish that this month, I am still busy with some other things this month. But i placed my 5th order already. I received another crazy promo from artscow yesterday - their new Custom Handbag Mirror for only $1.99 each with free shipping! I did order 2 immediately, one for me and one for my lil' girlie, you know, girl stuff =) I am excited to see it and give it to my kikay daughter. She'll love that for sure!

For now, I am focusing on selling house and lots while there are inquiries. I hope to sell more and more house and lots even it's only low cost properties. God Speed! =)


Enchie said...

parang ang daming pictures :D 12x12? kita ko yung design na yan hehehe!

sweetytots said...

addict sa photobook ah..