Thursday, May 7, 2009

Project No. 2 "Ishi's First School Experience" Digiscrapbook

I am done with my second photo book " Ishi's First School Experience" and have it printed in artscow already! Hooray! I am so excited to see it printed! Aside from photo book, I also purchased 5 pieces 8*10 collage for only $.99! What a deal! Now I have to wait for 3 weeks before i see it =) I also wanted to order some cool stuff I am seeing in the internet today! I want personalized stuff. I am done with my personalized mousepad and now I am thinking of other stuff like personalized placemat for my kids. I am also wondering with coffee sleeves product and mom agenda stuff. There are lot of things I wanted to buy online but I really have to earn more money online. I am really trying hard so i could grab more opportunity. I still have more photobook projects to finish so I have to earn more dollars online. These are my inspiration why I am blogging so hard. I wish I could finish all my photobook projects soon!

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