Sunday, May 17, 2009

All About Kids #3

Last Friday, we went to my Uncle's house to pick up Monica, my cousin who's having her vacation in Manila and staying with us in Malabon. Ishi and Ethan are with me, I am confident to bring them both even if I was alone because it is not that far from our place. and besdes Monica is with us when we go home. So we travelled, we rode a jeepney, I paid for two so Ishi can have her own seat. The jeep was runing so fast, I am worrying because Ishi is so malikot.
Here's some of our conversation that really thrown away my worries and made me laugh so hard:

Me: Ishi you sit down Anak.
Ishi: It's okay mommy nakahawak naman ako eh!

(I din't talk, I'd let her stand since she said she's holding from the bars naman. But the jeep is really running so fast that make me feel so worry...)

Me: (slightly shouting) Ishi I said sit down baka lumipad ka dyan!
Ishi: (seriously answered) Mom don't worry, Hndi naman ako bird eh! Wala akong pakpak! Hindi ako lumilipad!

Gosh, Oo nga naman wala naman syang pakpak at lalung hindi siya bird noh! Ahahahahaahahahah this conversation really made me laugh so hard!!!! Kids talaga!


Miriam said...

ahaha!! Oo nga naman mommy paano makakalipad si Ishi wala siyang wings. Naisahan ka don, Jes! hehe

Chris said...


onlinemommy said...

hahahah... kids can really be funny even without trying!

You have a smart kid :)

Clarissa said...

oo nga naman!!hahahaa!!kids talaga!!\(^0^)/