Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ishi's Upcoming 5th Birthday

Ishi's turning 5 this coming 14th of November and I only have 1 month to organize it plus I am so preoccupied with so many different things right now.
I am not expecting she'll be celebrating her birthday here, coz what I am expecting is that we will be in US that time with their daddy. Sad coz Ishi's wish is to be with her daddy on her birthday but we still can't. Truthfully I am not excited to plan her birthday not unlike her past birthday. It's so sad. What I am just hoping is that ISHI will enjoy her birthday even without her dad.
So, there, I asked Ishi what she wants for her birthday except for flying to US coz we really can't go yet, she said she wanted to have games, and she will be giving away prizes, so that means we can't celebrate in school coz they don't allow party, only foods are allowed. I asked her if she wants to dance with Jollibee or have a Magician? She picked MAGICIAN over Jollibee.
I guess we have to celebrate it somewhere where we can have our own party host and magician. Daddy suggested MAX, that's cool to me coz there's Max near our place. I am targeting a venue that is near so Ishi's classmate would come. But if no choice, and since 14th is Sunday, I would definitely choose other venue. =)
Hays, I feel like my power is fading! Hahaha Where did my talent in organizing party go? I can't think right now. All I know is that I have to make Ishi's party memorable.

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