Friday, October 8, 2010

Ishi's Birthday Venue

This is the POOL where we are planning to set Ishi's 5th Birthday...
There are two pools here, one for adults that is 4-7ft deep, and 1 for kids that is 2-4ft deep =)

Husband and I decided to invite only the closest friends and cousins of Ishi, that includes her classmates and teachers.

I am so excited to decor it with my balloons =)

Here's how the venue looks --->

This is Angel Ann's Wonderful located in Tanza, Navotas. It's a one ride trip from our village, 30-40 pesos fare in tricycle.
This is Php7,000 for 50 pax, if ever you exceed in guests, an additional 100 pesos per head. Not bad. =)

It has a slide but kids that doesn't know how to swim can't use this unless they have floaters or company that knows how to swim like my daughter used to do here....she's using floater here and with company either her dad or tito =)

This is the view...I love it!

You can also rent the videoke or if you feel like you're not gonna consume it all, you can just drop 5 peso coin for every song =)

So there....I hope my daughter would enjoy the party soon!

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