Friday, October 29, 2010

Woody and Jessie for Halloween Costumes!

Another unforgettable event for my kiddos!
We attended Halloween Party at Daddy's former office even he's no longer working there. Thanks to his friend "Aina" for inviting us.
I am preparing for this yearly, I don't want my kids to miss this kind of event. I want them to enjoy and have fun wearing costumes, joining games and receive some treats. Some of their costumes were personalized but most of them were ready made. This year, I prepared for almost a month for their costumes - Woody and Jessie of Toy Story.I tried not to spend too much money on it, so what I did is, I made the hats (mache), and the other designs except for their tops. I can't find a checkered cloth so I used a red pen tel pen to make a checkered one and have it sewed by an expert same with Jessie's top. Then I made woody's vest to lessen the labor of "mananahi", I also designed Jessie's pants with the same cloth I used in woody's vest and I made Jessie's artificial braided hair attached to my daughter's original hair :)
My creations are not that perfect but I am happy that I made one for my kids and they enjoyed it! :)

Here are My Kids' Costume - Woody and Jessie

Woody's Set of Upper Costume

woody's checkered Long sleeves

woody's red scarf

woody's hat

Woody's Pants with a belt and gun holder I just made (mache) :)

Hand Made Boots

Hand Made Vest

Jessie's Hat

Jessie's pants

Jessie's Top

Their Hats and Woody's Boots

their badges I just printed and covered with plactic

How I wish I was the one who created their TOPS, I know how to use a sewing machine and I can sew some stuff but not these long sleeves yet. Soon, maybe, hopefully.

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Mel Cole said...

That is one cool costumes you got guys!