Friday, September 17, 2010

My Little Angels Fieldtrip 2010

My kids had FUN in their field trip. How I wish husband was here to join the kids.
Good thing most of the chaperons were moms so my kids didn't able to see some kids with their dads coz for sure "maiinggit sila" =(
Anyways, just wanna share some of my kids pics enjoying the activities in FUN FARM at Canlubang, Laguna.
6:15 in the morning we travelled from Malabon to Laguna for almost 3 hours if I am not mistaken coz we arrived there at 9am.
First the tour guides from LAKBAY KALIKASAN held some exercise for both kids and chaperons to ensure safety and avoid injuries while running and walking and doing their physical activities.
(There's my Ishi with blue head band and a very excited smile)

(There's ETHAN, ung pinakalinggit with faded blue mickey hat)

After exercises they started to explore the farm, there are play area there and it's more like a relay to me. My kids love them all.

Fun Farm is not that big compared to other parks, there are only few farm animals to see like, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, bees, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, carabaos and cows.

These animals are very common to the kids already but they are still excited to see them coz in our area, it's rare to see. My kids were amazed how the BEES work. The speaker talked about the bees and they seem to be interested and their eyes seem asking more questions. Lols.

Viewing animals and petting them is just their bonus, coz the real thing that excites them most is the rides. Rides in horses and carabaos. One more thing is fishing and boating.

(Ethan holding the fish we just borrowed form one kid who caught the fish)

They really had a blast in this field trip.
I am really glad Ishi was able to join. She had fun so much even she just had a fever. =)
They didn't even bother their selves to eat their favorite food that we "baon".

(Our pack-in pack-out baon)

They just ate some biscuits and some juice while heading back to Manila to watch "Sleeping Beauty" play at repertory Philippines.

Second part of the fieldtrip is this play, I love plays! Last year, they also watched play "Jack and the Beanstalk" and Ishi loved it. Ethan finds it boring in some parts but he was also amazed by the artists and the costumes. In short they still enjoyed it. And we went home very very tired and hungry! So we ate in the BUS and sleep happily ever after.

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