Friday, September 17, 2010

My Princess Made it to the FIELDTRIP

My Little Angels fieldtrip was held last Wednesday, September 15, 2010. We went o FUN FARM Laguna and then headed to Repertory Philippines after lunch for "Sleeping Beauty" play viewing.
The fieldtrip was tiring yet super fun fun fun for kids as well as for us parents who appreciates the beauty of the farm.
I am so thankful that ISHI made it to the fieldtrip. The day before the fieldtrip I decided not to join her already because she was so sick when she came home from school. In her looks and with the symptoms of having 39 fever high and stomach aching, I thought it was dengue but the doctor can't tell yet coz she hasn't undergone CBC platelet test yet. The doctor said she can go to the fieldtrip if her fever will be gone that evening. But since I was thinking that it was really a dengue, I tried to ask the school if we can still back out from the fieldtrip but they said I can only refund 50% of my payment. I was so confused that day, I wanted Ishi to join but I was afraid that what if something worst gonna happen on our way. I was also afraid to let ETHAN go without me on his side and just her LOLA Taba but I am feeling guilty not to let ETHAN join coz it was his first fieldtrip ever and I don't want him to miss it. So I decided not to refund it and wait until Ishi miraculously lose her fever.
I was monitoring Ishi all night long, her fever was on and off from 39.9 to 37.5, she even vomits already and complaining about her teeth aching. I was panicking that night. I feel like she's getting worst. So I finally decided not to join her and called up my brother to bring ALiyyah, my niece in our place and join ETHAN in the fieldtrip as Ishi's representative. So ALiyyah and my other brother came up in the middle of the night. While monitoring Ishi that night and waiting for her next medicine schedule, still, somehow, hoping she'll miraculously gets better, I didn't sleep, I keep on rubbing her forehead and underarms with wet towel until her next med schedule @ 1AM. To my surprise, Ishi has no FEVER already. I thought it's just because I was rubbing her with wet towel so I did still give her paracetamol. I didn't sleep well monitoring her coz I am still hoping she could still make it to the fieldtrip.
I woke up 5:30 in the morning, my Mom and my brother were all ready to go to the fieldtrip coz the departure is 6am. So I hurriedly checked Ishi and YES! She really has no FEVER anymore!! So I hurriedly took a bath and go to the fieldtrip, still with ALiyyah (I just added an additional payment). Since we're obviously late already, we didn't able to catch up the bus in our meeting place. The BUS already took off. So the tricycle did his job and catch up the BUS. Whew! I thought we really can't able to go to that FIELDTRIP after all that happened. LOLS. Thanks to my fellow moms in that Bus who keeps on calling me and so I was able to tell them that we were already behind that running BUS. Funny experience!
I really wanted to thank GOD for hearing my KID's prayer. Ishi really tried so hard to get better. She tried to eat and drinks her medicine so she could be able to go to that fieldtrip. Ethan was also praying for his ate that day. Thank you LORD!

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