Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My LIttle Gymnast

My daughter Ishi is finally going to finish her 2 months Summer Gymnastics Program at Gymnastics of the Philippines.
She's doing GREAT. She started last April 5, 2010 and the session will end on May 28. She had 24 sessions plus 2 weeks FREE. She all in all had 34 sessions. That's a lot! As a Mom who's always bringing her kid to the Gym everyday is so tiring! I feel like I am working out everyday. =P
Today is another practice to make. Friday is their last day and SUNDAY will be their Culminating Activity. They will be showing what they have learned that day coordinated with music and choreography. I am seeing what they are practicing everyday. I am seeing how my daughter improved so well. Still I am excited to see her on their Culminating Activity. I am so excited to show her Lolo and Lola esp. her Daddy how Ishi has become after this summer program.
Husband actually seeing her daughter thru my videos. I am always taking videos of her activity almost everyday. But watching her daughter personally is what I am waiting for. He is so proud of her Ishi, also am I of course.

Gymnastics has a lot of benefits for both of us. For me, bringing my daughter everyday to this far venue, is really a good exercise for me. Walking to LRT, then going up to the stairs, then walking again till we reach the gym! My bowel movement is now normal! =))
For my daughter, gymnastics helped her to improve her appetite. She is eating more now tahn usual maybe because she's so hungry after the session. Though she's not into rice, she is more on eating biscuits, fruits, and bread and that's okay at least she's eating.
Gymnastics also helped her get away from the television for almost half a day. She is so addicted to TV and we all know watching too much tv has not so good effects to our kids.
Gymnastics helped her to follow instructions (sometimes). She also has improvements in observing discipline like she can only stay in the shower for 20 seconds. She is now instructing me to start counting every time she got inside the shower cubicle. =) And after 20 counts, she is going out already and started to change clothes.
Ishi is already independent even before so being independent is not a problem with her. She can get her water her self, she knows how to get water already from the water dispenser whenever she needed more water. We, parents are far from our kids, we were not allowed to go inside their area. So the kids has no choice but to serve their selves and that's a good thing! =P
I am so happy I enrolled my daughter in gymnastics. We both gained new friends again, we also had more times together as mommy and daughter.
My son wanted to enroll in gymnastics too, unfortunately his age is not fit yet for the class. Hope he could enroll next year. For now, Ishi is going back to regular class this JUNE and if luckily we have extra money, we will still enroll her in gymnastics again and attend every after her class. Hope to get her back to the GYM coz the coach has plans for her this coming competition.

Here's my daughter pics before and after GYMNASTICS.

(Ishi on her first day - APRIL 5, 2010 )

Ishi's Latest Pic @ the Gym

After her culminating activity hope she could always remeber what she have learned for two months. Hope she could apply her talent in good ways. Hope someday she'll become a professional GYMNAST competing inside and outside the country. Hope to see you in OLYMPICS someday! =)

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