Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ready for School Time?

Last year I was so busy looking for a school for my Ishi, six months before I already found a school for her and I already prepared her full tuition fee. I enrolled her and I bought everything she needs about a month before the class started, that's how prepared I was last year!
It's already 15th of May. My Son Ethan is gonna be Junior Casa (nursery) and Ishi is moving up to Junior Advance Casa (kinder 1). I haven't enrolled them yet, it's not because we don't have money yet, it's just that I still can't decide if we're going to enroll or not because of some reasons (i'll blog it sometime). It's hard to move and decide if you were still waiting and considering for somethings. (sigh!) But since hubby and I talked about it already, we decided to enroll the kids. I don't know when but one of these days maybe before June 14 comes. they still don't have bags and other school stuff. Maybe I'll think of them after I enrolled them. =)
How bout you guys? Ready for school? I'm sure all of the mom's out there were so busy! Hays! Wonder Moms!

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