Friday, July 16, 2010

MM : My Kids Love RIdes

mommy moments

Happy Mommy Moments Day once again!
I love this topic coz my kids so love rides!We haven't been to Enchanted kingdom nor Star City with the kids yet. We were waiting them to grow a little bit more and I guess they are ready to visit one of those now. Sadly their dad wasn't here to accompany us.But, even we haven't in any of those, my kids are always riding carousel and some other little rides inside the malls.Their first carnival experience was at "circle of fun'. Unfortunately most of the rides there are not suitable for their ages =P We rode bump cars, carousel, boats and most esp. Ishi's favorite - Water ball! Ethan tried it but he's scared.
Here's some of the latest photos and video of my little angels' at carnivals =)

(QC Circle of Fun)

My brave Ethan wants to try it...pero nung hinihipan palang ang balloon natakot na sya)

(Ishi inside the waterball)

(Ishi and Ethan)

(Ishi and cousin Aliyyah)

(Me and My Ethan)


chubskulit said...

I love to try that water ball myself hehehe, looks so much fun. Mine is up na din..

Clarissa said...

Looks like the kids had a blast!Mukhang super fun yang water ball na yan ah!^_^

Enjoy your weekend!!

Tetcha said...

I'm intrigued by that water ball. Hindi ba nakakahilo, Mommy! My entry is up, too!

tatess said...

i try ko nga ynug bunso ko pasakayin dyan sa water ball.tingnan ko kung matakot,hahaha

*♥Shydub♥* said...

Wow buti pa mga chikiting patrol mo mommyjes, dami ng na try sa amusement center. thats great.

Cecile said...

i wonder what it feels like to be in the water ball....i wonder kung magugustuhan ni Jake yun...hmmm

Rache said...

ako rin gusto rin ma try yang water ball... i don't think i'll allow my little girl to do it though... :)

seth said...

pwede ba ang water ball sa may asthma? my son will love this pero at the same time baka matakot din sya...

Chris said...

wow, you have brave kids! :D

redamethyst said...

aw, sayang di kame nakapunta dyan. mga bata talaga matatapang, gusto itry kahit ano.

by the way my entry is here and here
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