Friday, July 2, 2010

MM: School Days

mommy moments

Happy Weekend Everyone!
No Classes, no waking up early, no making "uto" to the kids just to get up, eat breakfast and take a bath. You know being a mom during school days is so hard for me and my mom being my assistant every morning. Sometimes I'm sending them to school and sometimes it's my mom.
My kids are so hard to wake. Been waking them up from 6:30 am, I have to turn on the computer and play their favorite movie, but sometimes they are not buying it. This week I tried playing children song, effective for just 2 days only. =(
Their attitude is bugging me, am I forcing them too much? Am I too harsh ?
I don't wanna get mad at them but sometimes my patience is giving up. They are always going to school late. Always late! What kind of mom I am?!

These are my kids last week before they go to school =)

But despite of having hard time waking them, feeding them and bathing them, they still end up enjoying inside the school. They are okay inside their classroom participating and doing their works. Maybe they were only acting this way because they don't want to wake up early.
Happy MM everyone!


♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

Buti na lang yung mga boys ko walang problema sa gisingan,pati pagligo,kasi the night before pa lang naliligo na sila,para pag gising,derecho bihis na.Pero ang aga naman kasi ng pasukan ng mga bata diyan eh.
Sweet ng kids mo.

jeng said...

Buti na lang 10:30 start ng classes ni Joaqui. Sometimes they start at 7:30 ang hirap talaga...daming delaying tactics ng anak ko. : P But it's good that they participate in class. It just shows na you're doing great with them. Happy Weekend!

Mommy Scart said...

sometime my eldest is really hard to wake up in the morning but once i said we dont have much time and shes gonna be late at school and the school will send her back home, she then quickly get up without any whining. I'm kind of threatening her lolz

mine was posted here

Happy MM!

Rossel said...

that's why I always choose the afternoon classes. lahat yata ng bata e hirap talagang bumangon sa morning. sleepy pa kase sila and masarap naman talagang matulog. habaan mo pa ang pasensya mo Mommy and I am sure time will come na they will wake up on their own.

Tetcha said...

Baka they sleep late kasi. My son sleeps late, too, for his age. He's almost 4 years old, but sleeps at 10pm or even later, but he usually wakes up at the same time, 7am to 7:30am. Too many things keep our kids preoccupied these days, and sometimes their sleep time suffers. Is it because we allow them to do these things? LOL!

Chris said...

i think you should make them go to bed earlier so they would wake up earlier.. and maybe you can talk to them before they sleep, tell them that they need to wake up earlier the next day for school?