Monday, November 7, 2011

Shopping For More!

I am always excited every time I purchased online. I know I have to wait about 4 weeks or sometimes more than that but I am still patiently waiting and keep on ordering especially in Zulily, my favorite online store! :) I am so happy my Black Viola Boots finally arrived! Just a simple comfort shoes for winter.
Here's some of the photos I took yesterday. I didn't able to use it yet that's why I don't have a photo with this boots yet. I love it, it's so soft and comfortable! I love to buy more boots with different colors and styles.
I search online for affordable boots and I have seen so many kind unfortunately I can't buy them yet this month. I saw some  Miz Mooz Soren and  Old Gringo shoes too but those are not really my type of boots even if they are nice. Actually, I have an aunt who love to wear such boots and it's very reliable boots for they are very durable. I am not sure if the boots I bought were durable, it's my first time to buy boots so I have no idea yet. I wish they are coz they are a bit costly to me.

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