Friday, March 30, 2012 for my open positions

This guest post from Edgardo Rosa

Because of the location of my small business it is sometimes hard to recruit qualified candidates to come work for my business. I have an amazing company but a lot of times when people find out where the office is they are a little hesitant to ride all the way out there on a train. I started looking around at other ways that I am recruiting candidates as opposed to the old fashioned way in the newspaper. I went on my Bronx T1 connection and started doing a little research and found that is the number one way to start recruiting for candidates these days. I decided to get a few postings on the site and test it out to see if I got any good candidates. As it turns out I got so many good candidates that I had a really hard time narrowing down all of the people. This is a great problem to have especially in my area because it is a neighborhood that most people think of as too far away or hard to get to.

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