Sunday, April 22, 2012

Party Invitations

Another invitations!  I love parties.  Especially if it is a birthday party.  With delicious food and drinks, I  can say that going to friends’ parties is fun and relaxing too.  Fun because you mingle with friends and talk…talk…talk.   Relaxing because all you  have to think about is fun.

You can do lots of things at a friend’s party-depending on the party’s theme.  My friend’s birthday party last month was different.  Instead asking her guests to put on a birthday hat, she provided masquerade masks.  Everything was organized.  She did most of the decorations so she did not spend much on her birthday party supplies.  A quick stop at the party supply store was all she needed.  There was singing and dancing too.

My friend is very accommodating when it comes to hosting a party at her house.  We are able to watch a movie or play games.  She buys a carnival game wii and we had a blast playing that.  Carnival game in wii is a good idea if you want to play games with your kids at home.  Playing games together brings the family and friends close together.  Carnival games are for all ages.

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Realy my little angels are so....cute.Party invitaions is wonderful thought.