Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dad's Birthday Present for our 'Lil Princess

It's my daughter ISHI's birthday on November 14.....daddy can't wait to have her daughter's birthday wish granted. Last Wednesday hubby asked us out so we could buy her Ishi a gift already since he brought the car with him that day. We went to SM Makati Toy Kingdom. Ishi saw a lot of toys she also likes. She said she likes barbie doll, baby doll, baby stroller, Ezy roller, nap mat, personalized pillow cases and so many more! I really had fun looking at the toys, If only I could buy them all for my kids. But our budget is really not enough to have all of what Ishi wants. I also felt guilty for we didn't even buy something for our little boy. I think he understands that it's his Sister's birthday that's why she had a present. Ishi's birthday is kinda expensive even it's not actually a birthday party, it's only Ishi's treat to her classmates, teachers and some parents. I am so nervous already! I am so excited for my little girl. Tomorrow is her celebration in school while we don't have plans yet on Saturday, November 14, her real birthday. Again I am so happy for my girl! Happy Birthday Ishi!!!!

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Tetcha said...

Happy birthday, Ishi! Parents really want the best for their kids kahit masakit sa bulsa. Whatever makes them happy, ika nga nila.