Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy BIrthday Princess Ishi

Happy Birthday ISHI!!!!
Ishi was so happy this morning. She just celebrated her 4th Birthday in school. Just a simple celebration yet ISHI and US enjoyed it very much. Ishi enjoyed it starting with giving her invitations up to giving her giveaways. Yes it's just a simple celebration coz Montessori doesn't allowe party during school days. We just ordered Jollibee foods for the kids, teachers, mommies and some nannies, made some giveaways and her special cake - CUPCAKE tower I ordered from a friend. Kids enjoyed the cupcakes, Ishi enjoyed blowing her candles. Classmates enjoyed the giveaways while Ishi enjoyed giving them away by herself. This is really fun! How I wish we could do it every year. When we celebrated Ishi's first birthday I said to myself that we will only celebrate 3rd, 7th and 18th birthday, but look at me now celebrated her 4th birthday. Parents are really more excited than their kids. I myself is really excited! I love seeing her happy. I love seeing her enjoy her childhood. She really had a great time today so am I coz I can rest for a while now. Next assignment, Ethan's 3rd birthday. But before that I still have to shop for christmas gifts. I wanted to try gift items like terry bath robe, bath wrap or waffle bath robe but still has to consider budgets. Oh well....I'll just figure out it next time. I have to rest for a while coz my mind is really tired of thinking now. Just wanna say again HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my princess ISHI!


Yami said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ISHI! Four pa lang pala si Ishi akala ko nasa gradeschool na siya malaki kasing bata. Ang saya saya magbirthday sa school. One time ko lang naranasan sa eldest ko nung grade 1 siya pero di na naulit kasi magastos pero enjoy ang mga bagets.

Hi Jes! Ang tagal ko na di nakabisita dito. Musta na?

onlinemommy said...

Happy Birthday to Ishi!

May the Lord bless her life :)

Chris said...

a tag for you at