Monday, January 17, 2011

Ethan Loves Car

As my son ETHAN grows and grows, I can notice how much he loves cars. Big and small cars are okay with him. He often calls it RACE CARS. I was thinking of a theme like car race for his birthday last week but I came up with Superman costume. Maybe next time I'll plan his birthday, It will be a race car set up that he also love to have. That will be fun! Can't wait to plan another birthday next year :D

These are some of his latest collection of cars...

A christmas gift from Ninong Ranier :)

A christmas gift from Lola Mama :D

A christmas gift from Ninang Len :D

His Birthday gift :D

As of now, he has so many different cars, remote control cars, pull back and some were just ordinary cars. hope to have more of his car collections.


nuts said...

wow, ang dami namang cars.. collection niya na hangang paglaki niyan..

Phoebe said...

My nephew is also fond of cars. He can name any vehicles you'll show him. :) My son is not that into toys, he just love messing around.

Pinay Mama