Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a Cold Sunny Day!

Ay yay yay! Start of classes and start of sickness!! No, not sickness of going to school but a real sickness! My kids and I are sick! I guess it's because of the weather. Combination of cool breeze and hot rays of the sun. Not a good combination!
Last Monday my kids went to school early, we were planning to start getting to school on time this year unfortunately we didn't able to go to school the next day till today (thursday). Ay yay yay what a start. Hope to go to school by tomorrow coz they seem well already. My bunso is so kulet and active again. Thank God! It's better to see them run around and me shouting all day than see them lying on the bed.

Have a nice days ahead everyone! Don't forget to drink your vitamins and fight sickness! The weather is not so good so better have prevention than cure!

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