Sunday, January 9, 2011

'Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote' Kid's 1st movie for the year!

When this movie started to air in televisions, I noticed my kids watching it and laughing in it. I am not watching TV so much coz my kids don't like any channel except Disney Channel and that's the reason why I have no chance of watching TV. But when "Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote" aired, they were watching channel 7 already! Haha not because of the 'palabas' but because of the commercial of this movie! :D
We watched this movie last JANUARY 1st, and still, the lines in ticketing booths were still so so long! I actually decided not to watch that day and come back for another day but Ishi refused to go home and insisted that she wanted to watch it that day! So we fall in line and waited for 30 mins. And finally watched it that day.

(my kids wanted to take a pic with the big poster unfortunately i didn't bring my cam)

Ishi were so excited, she keeps on asking "Si Enteng na ba? si Enteng na ba?" every time there's another trailer aired on. They enjoyed it, they don't fail to laugh whenever there's a funny scene. They love, Vic Sotto, Jose and Wally. They also started to love "AGIMAT" played by Bong Revilla, Jr and Sam Pinto as "SAMARA". They hated the part where the monsters (their term) appeared in the scene. My kids were very affected in each scene, if they were happy they were laughing, if it's sad they were also sad and even crying sometimes.
My kids love to watch movies so as much as possible I love bringing them to cinemas or giving them movies to watch at home.

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