Friday, March 25, 2011

Mommy Moments : Kids and Mom's First Flight

mommy moments

Hi everyone! I am now officially using this website for Mommy Moments instead of using "Me, Myself and Jes', and I am so happy to be back to blogniverse! :)

Here's my entry for this week, a WHITE BOARDING pass.
Just in time to share our first unforgettable flight experience.


This white boarding pass was given to us in MIA Terminal 2.


Ishi showing her passport and boarding passes while waiting at the boarding area...


and here's Ethan holding his passport and boarding passes, a little bit sleepy coz we were in the airport at around 4am

We got 3 boarding passes, 1st was for Manila to Narita Japan, 2nd, Narita to Atlantha. This second trip was a horrible experience for a Mom like me who was alone with two kids, we were boarding when we experience that 3 consecutive strong earthquakes. At first, I though it as just part of boarding experience, I just learned it from the stewardess when the earth quake stopped. I didn't panicked for I can't see any worried face inside that plane. They were all calmed and patiently waiting for us to fly. I started to worry when our trip was canceled that day but thank God for we can be able to fly in the evening after waiting for 5 hours inside the plane.
Our 3rd passes was for trip to ARKANSAS from Atlanta. This is the most exciting part for us three. We were all so excited to see dad. We just flew for 2 hours and then we were at last reunited! So happy!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who had been worried for us and prayed for our safety.

Share your mommy moments with us here! :)

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