Friday, September 18, 2009

Mommy Moments : Treasured Pictures

Mommy Moments day! Hooray! This topic is hard coz most of the pics I had were all treasured. I love pics, every single pics that I took are all precious to me. Just wanna share some pics that I am really keeping all this time and I don't wanna loose it.

Remember this pics mommy Chris? Remember when Architect of Sweet..Pretty..NAughty offered us a free pop art made by her? I chose these pics of my two kids Ishi and Ethan. I love these pictures of them. I love all of their pictures hugging and kissing but these two are my favorite. Another reason why I am treasuring this is because, I love the way Architect did it. It's so colorful and I find it very nice talaga. I really wanted to print a copy of it sana it's just that, this pic that Architect gave me is too small. I wanted to request another one from her but she's too busy with her work and one and only sweet, pretty, naughty daughter.
That's all for now dear mommies! Share your mommy moments with us now! Happy long weekened everyone!


Yami said...

Hi busy mommy. Kahit anong pics ng mga kids na magkayap ay nakaka-melt ng puso nating mga nanay. wag lang sila magaaway hay naku. :)

Long weekend indeed and more time to attend to household chores. yaiks! sana bakasyon din tayong mga mommies. :D

chubskulit said...

Wow your treasured photos are so unique and sweet!

Here's my treasured ones

Chris said...

i remember these pics! :D

sweetytots said...

jes, thanks for the link.. i'll try to look for the original photos so i can send it to you. pasensya na maramilng tlga ako problem ngyn..