Friday, September 18, 2009

New 7*5 photobook from Artscow

I received my notification from Costoms this afternoon.

So I immediately took it from Central Post Office =)
I got these three items at a time =)

These wallets are only for 1.99 dollars each free shipping, so I tried ordering two, one for my sister in-law coz her birthday is on October. The other one is a gift for myself.

I also tried 7 by 5 photobook since it is also 1.99 dollars only for 20 pages free shipping. I love it. It's cute! What I don't like about it is that you can't design your cover. You just have to choose from their three plain colors for page cover. But I still love it! Love my kiddos pics!

I'm still waiting for the other ornament I ordered for Ethan. I never know what an ornament is, I thought I am ordering a pendant coz it looks like a pendant to me. I was amazed when I saw's just a decor with a ribbon. I don't know how to use it butI love it coz Ishi's pic is in there. I just don't like the back pics coz it's too blurry.

Love personalized items like me? Try artscow too? =)


♥Willa♥ said...

I like artscow. I order a personalized watch from them before and I love it! Here if you want to see Artscow watch.

Sherry said...

they are so pretty!

oh jes your photo at photobucket no available any more its said expired :(

I think you not login photobucket long time?

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Chris said...

great.. talagang expert ka na sa artscow.. by the way, something is wrong with your badge..

onlinemommy said...

Ang dami mo ng collection mommy! D ko nahabol ung 7x5 eh :( sayang... wait ulit ako ng promo pero sana mataon na d ako ganun ka busy.