Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Parent - Teacher Conference

Hubby and I attended our first ever Parent-Teacher Conference last Saturday. This is our first time and we were both nervous to see her report card and what the teacher will say about her performance for the past 2 and half months. The teacher said Ishi is in 11th out of 14, I was a bit sad but after teacher told me about her attitude in class, I feel like the problem also lies in me. The teacher said Ishi was so playful, she is not listening to what the teacher was saying. Teacher said Ishi has potential but finding it hard to pay attention. I was a bit disappointed with some of the topic in her exams though I didn't reviewed her, I know for my self that she knows it but when I saw the results, she got it all wrong! I tested her again if she really doesn't know the answer but she answered correctly that time. I think she was just lazy doing it. I wanted to develop her concentration this time but I don;t know how, anybody who knows what to do? Oh please give me some advise. I really wanted to give her a gift because at least she passed my 80% and above quota for her exam but I was thinking if she deserves it or not. I was thinking of buying her a toddler backpack or a insulated lunch tote. She also wants a bid princess doll but If possible I don't want to buy her toys again. I also love to buy a nap mats and remove out rubber mat at home already. But before that I have to figure out first how to develop her concentration so she could focus in school. It's really hard to become a Mom here. Gosh please, anybody help me!


Yami said...

Pareho tayo ng problema sa anak. Yung bunso ko kung kelan naging grade IV tsaka naging malaro. Dapat daw kasama siya sa achievers ngayong first grading kaso hindi umabot ang grade.

Pwede mo pa rin siyang ibili ng gift para maencourage naman siya this time to really focus on her studies. bata pa kasi expected sa kanila yan.

Take your time and good luck. :)

Chris said...

you can practice at home.. do a one on one with her... start with only few minutes while daily increasing the number of minutes she works on something...

also, you can still buy her a gift since she passed the 80%

just encourage her and praise her... :)

i also have the same problem with my 2 year old.. makulit at di mapapirmi... i hope its just a phase!

onlinemommy said...

Maybe just give her time to adjust. And teach her that there is time for everything. She can play during her playtime and she should study during her study time. Make her realize as well that education is one thing that nobody can steal from her.

You can buy her a simple gift and tell her that you will buy her desired gift if she perform better next time :)

God Bless!

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Have a great weekend!