Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Budgeting is the Hardest Job of a Wife

Am I right or I am the only one having a hard time doing it? Oh Please help me fellow moms! Lols!
You know when my husband and I got married we decided (it's hubby's idea) to hold each others salary, whenever I needed something I just have to list it down, give the total amount to him and that's it! I keep mine and he keep his. We have our own designated "gastos" lols! I felt so disappointed that time because I felt like my husband don't trust me with budgeting issues. Especially when someone's asking why my husband is not giving his salary to me. Lately, just this year, my husband is giving his ATM to me already. He's not asking for my list anymore. I am puzzled though I am happy coz I feel I am being trusted at last, lols! But now, honestly I am experiencing headache everytime I budget everything we need every payday. We are not paying any house rentals, we're only paying our condo amortization, we we're also not paying any water and electricity bills but the husband's salary is not enough unless I add my salary(too sad I can't). I don't have a fix income, we're lucky If I sell a property in cash coz if not, I have to wait for my money untill my client pay the whole downpayment and submit all he requirements. But's that's not the issue here coz we are not supposed to use my salary actually. We are saving it for processing fee of our condo on it's turn over date on 2010. I am really having a hard time budgetting my kids' baon, service vehicle payment and others. What a work! I never thought It's hard as this, how I wish I could turn back time and do our old set up, lols!
Joke only daddy! I am okay with this set up, I think i will get through with this soon, just let me do my job eheheheh =) And thanks for trusting me =)


Jacris said...

totally agree ako sau mare.Mahirap mag budget grabe.Btw I have something for you http://emotemylife.blogspot.com/2009/06/1950s-name-quiz.html and http://emotemylife.blogspot.com/2009/06/creative-mom-blogger-award.html

Have a lovely day!

onlinemommy said...

hahaha... takot ka pa lang bawiin ang atm :D

Budgeting is really a tough task. Consider yourself blessed because you don't have to pay for the water and electric bills. When my husband and I settled, we are 100% independent. We pay are own rentals and bills. And since we both didn't come from a well to-do family, we also give "allowance" to our parents once in a while. But God is good all time and His grace is always sufficient for us. We have no excess(meaning no savings) but we also lack nothing.

Beth said...

I agree. Budgeting is just so difficult now. It's okay to budget kung me bubudgetin, pero pag wala, hehehe hirap talaga!
Anyway, ang ganda ng setup nyo ha? Siguro your hubby got tired of all the list that's why he decided to give the atm to you na.
I just hope things will be better for all of us soon! :)

Jacris said...

oh my gulay I forgot to put the link here mare http://www.blogthings.com/1950snamegenerator/

Enchie said...

hay kasalukuyan din ako andito sa stage na ito. I tend to mix everything and forget a lot of things to consider. Pero, kaya natin yan! Buti na lang may bina-budget lol!

Twinkie said...

Ayoko niyan. As in. Sabi ko kay Jose, siya bahala. Noong parehas kami sumusweldo pot ang style namin. Ngayon, basta akin ang pag-budget ng grocery lang, siya na bahala sa lahat. Basta numbers, nahihilo ako.

Ilang beses na niya ko tinuturuan, nakakatulog ako. Sabi ko rin na sobra na ang trabaho ko sa bahay at kay Mia, wag na niya dagdagan.

Good luck Jes! Kaya mo yan, basta Nanay, kaya yan.

Byt the way, I have an award for you here: Creative Mommy Bloggers


Chris said...

i have a tag for you at http://www.mommyjourney.com/2009/06/one-word-meme.html

Yami said...

Hi Jes. Speaking of budget, 'yan ang mahirap na role ng mga wifey. Lalo kapag malayo pa ang payday tapos namimiligro na ang budget. hehe