Friday, June 5, 2009

Buttons Up for ISHI!

Ishi always wanted to button her dad's polo shirts, she' always trying so hard but she can't do it yet not until yesterday. Thursday morning when his dad preparing for work, wearing his favorite blue long sleeves, Ishi volunteered to button her dad's polo. The sweet dad let her daughter and finally button one after a few minutes. We we're amazed coz some of the kids on her age can't do that yet. When my husband left I gave her another dad's polo shirt from his closet and let her practice it. Surprisingly she finished it earlier than I expected. I gave her another clothe, this time it's her uniform, and no sweat, she finished it faster than the first exercise. amommy is so proud of you my dear!!!!
Here's some of her pics while dong the "buttons up" lesson!

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Chris said...

yehey for Ishi!