Monday, June 1, 2009

I Really Need My Website Now!

Oh Gosh! I am so tired today! Just came from site orientation in Tropical Greens subdivision in Tagaytay City a new project of IPM. I wanted to try selling Tagaytay projects since they do have free service vehicle provided. I really need to add it soon in my ads. Speaking of ads, my sales last month is quite good and I am hoping to have more inquiries this suceeding months of the year. I really need to earn more money this year for we have so many obligations to pay next year. I really need to set a quota for myself. In order to reach that quota, I think I really need to hurry my husband finishing our website he's designing for almost a year now! Imagine that? He's really busy with his work that's why I totally understand. He actually wants to hire a web designer already but I don't like to because we don't have budget for that yet. I am hoping he'll finish it soon! I actually do have a web host choice already. I want an affordable but dedicated server hosting company that will expose my site and gathered more inquiries. More inquiries, more possibilities of more sales! My boss has a website and it really has a positive outcome to her sales. She has so many sales every month. She's reaching her quota of 10Million a month because of too much exposure of her ads in her website. That's why I am wanting to have my own website too!


Online Mommy said...

Ten Million a month? ten million pesos? visitors? wow!

Oh, hey. mommy jes, if you really want a new web design, there are lots of freebies on the net, or I can help you if you're on a budget. My boyfriend is a web designer, but you can get some templates out there and he can just do the set up. what you think? ^^


onlinemommy said...

Hi Mommy Jes,

I can also be of help . I bought a hosting recently, I can share it with you with minimal monthly fee.
You only need to buy your own domain or I can buy for you @ the original price of $9.95/year.

You can check, our church web site, I am the one maintaining it :)

onlinemommy said...

Were you able to check the site? It is in joomla, I did not do any programming there, but more on configurations. We can get a free template over the net, then customize it according to your desired design.

I can fit to your budget, but for the domain, wala akong magagawa dun hehehe, un tlga pricing nila :) Just let me know if you are interested, I can prepare a proposal for you :)

Thanks and God Bless