Friday, June 5, 2009

School Days Coming up!

Friday, last day of our practice waking up early in the morning so we could both adjust our body clock. I hope Ishi is ready on Monday, it's her big day, her first real school day as Nursery. I am so excited to watch her learn, grow and interact with new people. I enrolled her very early, I bought books and uniforms first week of MAy. Am I too much? I am also excited when we shopped for her school supplies. I actually wanted to shop last APRIL already but my husband stopped me because it's too early eheheh. How come I am so excited? Is it normal? Oh, I hope it is! Even f I am excited, my daughter seems to be excited too, she was hurrying when she heard were going to buy her most awaited trolley bag that day. I supposed to order personalized kid's backpacks online for her but the teacher said it's better to have them use a trolley bag. I only chose her school supplies because she doesn't know what to choose yet. We did all the shopping that day, groceries, her stuff and some new undies and pair of socks. I supposed to buy a laundry bag too but we don't have a budget for that yet so that can wait. When passing buy to school supplies corner, i saw this cute baby memory books that I used to buy when my kids are still in my tummy. I love to buy one also for my cousin who's six months pregnant this month. Anyway, those are my next target on our next shopping day schedule. My concern for now is to finish my kids stuff, label her books, notebooks and ther stuff. (To my hubby)Oh please, stop thinking I am an OC! I am just organize! =)


mommy jac said...

Good luck mare, mukang loaded ka this week dami schedules.Pero sarap makita ang mga kids nating naka school uniform diba eheheh.Excited!!!

Have a great weekend=)

Consumermate said...

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