Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Divisoria Part 2

I have no choice bu to go to Divisoria again yesterday, I have to buy some things and my mom in law asked me to buy something also so that motivates me to go back there again. It's not that I don't wanna go there, I was just thinking if going there for so few items, I'd rather buy them in a mall. If you're going to Divisoria, you must be buying a lot of stuff as in bulk coz you're visit there will not be worth it. There were so many people there even in an ordinary days. But still it's fun to go there specially if you have enough money. There were so many China wholesale there that are very affordable. I am planning to go back there again if ever I thought of adding lootbags and give aways. I was making lootbags a while ago and I am not happy about it LOL. Hopefully tomorrow ain't gonna rain coz I experienced how awful it was to walk in Divisoria while raining :)

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pehpot said...

pag natuloy xmas party natin, ikaw isasama ko sa divisoria no hehe