Friday, November 5, 2010

Ishi's Birthday Dress

It was hard to decide for my Little Princess, she wants a Cinderella dress but she chose to have a POOL party, now I am confused. I told her that she can't have a Cinderella Costume coz her theme is ARIEL. Actually I have no plan of buying her a dress because I want her to wear a special swimsuit but since the theme is not in season there were only few options to choose from. I have no choice but to buy a simple swim suit and a dress. She's gonna use the dress while having the program and change to swim wear after.
While kids are getting bigger, clothes are becoming issue already. They already know how to choose, they have their own preferences and tastes. My daughter Ishi is fond of wearing dress which is good but what I don't like about it is that she is so "makulit" at "magulo" so her dress is so messy after she wears it.
I guess a simple pink dress from Osh Kosh is fair enough for her to wear on her very special day. :)

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nuts said...

korek. she can wear swim wear naman after the program.. yeah, girl looks pretty in pink. =)