Thursday, November 4, 2010

Few Months to Go...

Time really flies so fast, it's been four months now and it feels like only yesterday when husband left fo US. Good heavens He gave us strength while being away from each other. My kids are getting used to it already.
Husband left last JUNE and he gonna be 5 months there already on 19th of November. It's sad in the few days and weeks but now is different, I feel so excited to know that we will soon be there with him! We processed our VISA already and we're already approved, next step is just wait until school year ends and until husband earned more savings us. Husband needs to look for an apartment first before he book us a flight. I am so excited to finally have our own house, and excited to decorate our own room, put on rustic bedroom furniture or any kind of bed. I am also excited to cook for my family even though I am not good at cooking. There are so many things to be excited about but first I have to focus on my daughter Ishi's birthday celebration this coming 14th of November. Then christmas and New year, etc. After those, I can't wait to fly to US so soon...just have to wait few months to go!

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