Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Party Planning

This week is the most tensed week for me. I am very excited for my Ishi's BIG day and I can't wait to celebrate her Birthday already. As usual, the mommy planner was so busy with so many things, from food to decors and give aways and guests confirmation etc.
I can't post the details yet coz my time is not enough yet. I just wanna share how nervous am I and how hectic my schedule was. Yesterday I went to DIVISORIA to buy some more things that I forgot to buy the last time I went there. Unfortunately It was raining and so I had a hard time traveling. I was wet and I was walking to a very muddy street! Not to mention very smelly mud! So now my problem is that my back is aching maybe because of too heavy rain even if I have umbrella. How I wish I will not get sick on Ishi;s birthday or else husband will get me a LifeInsuranceNoMedicalExam hahahaha! Just kidding. Just hoping and praying I will not get sick! :)

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