Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It's daddy's birthday yesterday! He renewed his driver's license and didn't go to work. We didn't celebrate his birthday yesterday for he is about to celebrate his birthday tonight. Some of his friends were coming here at home. It's just a simple celebration. I don't know how to cook so I just ordered some miki bihon at Judy Ann's Crispy Pata and I'll be picking it up later. I asked my mom to cook fried chicken and lumpiang shanghai. I will also try to have some menudo. We are so busy this day because it's also my brother's wedding to be held at kentucky fried chicken at 2 in the afternoon. We have to go home at 5 in the afternoon so I could still prepare for my hubby's birthday celebration. I am so busy the whole week organizing these events. Hope everything will turn out okay. I am thinking of buying some cake later. My kids would love it if their dad have a cake and a candle to blow. They are more excited than the celebrant. Oh well hope to finally finish all of these events, my next assignment after this will be my cart. I have to set it up already and have it all started. So daddy, happy birthday to you! Kids and I wishing you a good health. Hope you fulfill all your dreams and goals in life. We wanted you to have the best in this world. Hope he could also experience new things like attending golfreisen in any kind of golfkurse and even shop in any golfshop in this world. I know daddy has so many dreams for himself and for us. So for now daddy, we have to stay healthy so we could still do such things in time.


Seiko said...

ya u must have a party in house a congrats frm me too

pehpot said...

naks dami nyo okasyon sa bahay nyo ah, now onder di ka nakapunta sa she bloggers :) busing bisi sa pagpapaganda hihi

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