Friday, August 14, 2009

House Finder Philippines now House Finder Realty

Finally, after waiting for almost a year, my House Finder website has it's own domain now. My husband finally chose a web host for our website. It's really hard to find a web host. We really wanted an affordable yet reliable web hosting for our business. We only chose Joomla for template (thanks to Mommy Online for introducing us to joomla). I think my husband is loving it already. He doesn't need to consume his time making our website if we can just encode datas in joomla having a ready template. He didn't teach me yet how to use joomla coz I think it's more complicated than blogspot. It's more on for Pros like my husband who is more knowledgeable in computer thingy. But i have to study it also because I am the one who's going to update it regularly. Hope our realty business will bloom now that we have our own website now. I actually have a blogspot account of this but we change the name a bit. From House Finder Philippines to House Finder Realty. It's not yet open to public for we haven't encoded datas yet. Hope you visit our site sometime.

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Seiko said...

Good morning Mommy Jes!
I would like to thank you for the visits you'd made while 'm away & left me good words as well.And really so sorry for the quick visit I made in here the last time.I also done w/ the Tag you gave me.Really thanks for the Tag.I enjoyed doing it.Have a lovely Wednesday to you & your family,I have missed you too & it's really good to be back here.:)