Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mommy Moments : What a Mess / Part of the Family / Gotta Wear Shades

Hello there mommies! Been absent for 2 weeks =( I really wanted to catch up those weeks but I am really having a hard time looking for pics especially now that my pics were not in my laptop anymore. They were already transferred to our portable hard disk, so in order to look for pictures I have to get my hard drive first and that is one hassle thing for me (lazy me). I am doing so many things this past few weeks that's why I can't spent more time blogging.
I am so glad I remember to do my mommy moment entry here's my entries.....ta....dan......

Have to Wear Shades
My kids love to wear shades. I also love seeing them wearing one.

My Daughter Ishi

My Son Ethan
Me and Ishi

What a Mess

This is my son Ethan, he loves to put a lot of powder in his face. My kids love to do this every time they would be able to get the powder from our closet. My closet is always so messy when this happens. Talking about real mess, my kids are very messy. They Don't know how to pack away their toys. They love to throw their toys all over our room. I have to clean their mess everyday before their daddy comes home. Sometimes I don't wanna buy them a toy already because they don't really know how to return to their proper places. Even their stuff, like their bags, books, crayons and everything. I love to buy them new stuff but I am always disappointed because I often see their stuff on the floor, sometimes in our terrace. I am actually planning to buy them new bags like in stephen joseph backpack particularly their stephen joseph quilted backpack and some kids nap mats for travelling. But that was only a plan yet. Hope my kids would learn how to pack away their stuff after using.

Part of the Family

Chloe is our pet cutie doggie. She's like a sister of my kiddos. She is their playmate and sometimes their punching bag. They love to wrestle Chloe, they love to hug her and play with her. She is part of the Family.

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Chris said...

hello jes! its great to see you again at mommy moments... we have missed you.

thanks for sharing all these pics! okay yung messy face ni ethan mo ha! :D hehehe

happy weekend! :D

♥Willa♥ said...

what a comeback!!! 3 in 1. I love all of it!
My MommyMoments

Rache said...

wow ang ganda ng 3 in 1 mommy moment pictures mo... all perfect for the theme.
i tend to get lazy getting for my harddrive to find pictures too... try transferring them in an online album :) i use a lot easier for me since i'm using gmail

Rache said...

oh by the way here's my mommy moments entry... silip ka nalang sa

Seiko said...

Ang cute nga ng 3 in one mo Mommy Jes,cute ng mga kids talaga even when they do the mess,nakakagigil hihi!I missed the fun here in MM too,but I guess I can join na this week.See you then:)