Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Brother's Wedding

Tomorrow is my Brother's wedding and I am very nervous because I am the one together with the help of my cousin Joan and uncle Pastor Tres organizing this event. It was just a simple wedding but I am really nervous for I really wanted my brother to have a nice yet simple wedding. I am very happy for them that finally after having three kids, they were getting married tomorrow!
I am still thinking what to do today, did I miss anything?

Here's the list that I have done:
1. Make Invites and distribute them
2. Order CAKE
3. Tarpaulin lay out by cousin JOan - printed already!
4. CD's for give away - I have aready burned songs and my cousin printed stickers for cd cover
5. VENUE - KFC (wedding ceremony and reception in 1)
6. Buy wedding rings

Here's the list that I have not done yet:
1. Buy Balloons for center table

Oh my God, I am so nervous for tomorrow (August 15, 2009). Hope everything will be fine and turned well. I will be going to the venue tomorrow early because I will be the one to decorate the place. Oh, Gosh sana matapos na ito! =)

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Seiko said...

I'm happy for your brother & his family as well.Finally,they will have the vow.'though it's late,still I would like to give my warmest best wishes to the newly wed.Strong bonds will tight the knot is my wish for them & more happiness to come along their way.Congrats to the newly wed.:)