Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ishi's First Quarter Exam Tomorrow

My daughter's exam is tomorrow already, I haven't reviewed her lessons to her yet because I am really having a hard time teaching her at home. She is not listening and keeps on playing and watching TV. I wanted to review her lessons but I feel like I am forcing her already if she really doesn't want to review, I don't want to force her, so sometimes I am thinking of other way of reviewing her. Hope she finish her work tomorrow. I am really nervous until now I just don't know why. I will not expect anything from my kid, I want her to enjoy her schooling but I can't stop feeling this way. I am really nervous. Let's just hope she gets good grades. I also said to my daughter that if she gets good grades I will give her some gifts like stephen joseph backpack or stephen joseph quilted backpack. I am still thinking of other rewards for her like kids nap mats or any personalized stuff. Enough for toys coz she really has plenty of toys already. For now, i still have to try teaching my kid and refresh her lessons. Giving her exercises and activity is more effective to her than just reviewing.

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So many cute photos! Thanks for sharing your three-in-one Mommy Moments post. Here's mine: