Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Yes It's my birthday last week and I am posting it so late now coz I've been very busy for weeks until now. Just wanna share how happy am I during my birthday. As we all know August 5 was declared Holiday by the president because it's our late president CORY AQUINO's burial and that is also my BIRTHDAY! I am of course sad for President Cory is really saying goodbye that day, still I did watch live coverage of her burial until six in the evening. We're supposed to go to the mall because kids wanted to go to McDo's Playhouse but the weather is really not good so I decided to just buy some cake and take out some Jollibee foods. I asked my family to wear yellow for pictorial (as you all know I love pictures) because aside from it's Cory's color, it's also my favorite color. My kids enjoyed blowing of candle, they also sang Happy Birthday song for me. I am so happy because my family is complete on my day. Hoping to have more birthdays with them! I am not dreaming of any material gifts, I just wanted my FAMILY complete and in good health always. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!

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julliefer said...

hey mare, belated hapi bday. :)